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What I offer


Thank you for your visit to my website, a  small portion of which is in English.

My name is Françoise Broillet and I would be pleased to welcome you to my studio in Auvernier, near Neuchâtel.

I have been working  with different body/mind approaches, such as Dance/Movement Therapy and Authentic Movement for the past 30 years.

I accompany you on your path whether

  • you feel you need to move, and not only talk, when you encounter a difficult time in your life

  • you would like to know more about yourself by including your body experience

  • you long for more liberty, more creativity

There is no need for any previous experience whatsoever.

Please do not hesitate to contact me if you are interested in my offer and would like to know more about it.


Dance/Movement Therapy

  • Individual sessions for anyone wishing to start a therapy process by adding body, movement and dance experience to talking

Authentic Movement

  • Individual sessions for anyone wishing to move in silence while being witnessed in a compassionate way

  • Solo retreats for anyone wishing to have some private time to deepen her/his experience as a mover

  • Solo retreats in preparation for those who intend to teach the Discipline and want to join the “Circles of Four” programme. I am a member of the faculty

Private accommodation possible in my house nearby


  • Individual sessions for those who have joined the "Circles of Four” programme

  • Individual sessions for anyone involved in Human Resources who wishes to include body wisdom in their reflection


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